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Ranjin is a professional Disposable hygiene products manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality Disposable hygiene products is not only made in China and we have discount, but also have cheap price. Welcome to our factory to wholesale customized products.

Hot Products

  • Facial Tissue Paper

    Facial Tissue Paper

    Bozhan is a leading China facial tissue paper manufacturers. Our Dima®tissue Soft, strong and absorbent, Harmony Everyday DIMA® brand facial tissue paper keep your family and table clean. These white, premium napkins have a thicker sheet for better performance. Perfect for everyday uses from casual meals to picnics, backyard buffets, or birthday celebrations.
  • Pet Disposable Underpad

    Pet Disposable Underpad

    Ranjin is a professional China Pet Disposable Underpad manufacturer and supplier, created in 2009.Our Close care® brand pet disposable underpad has many different qualities.we enjoy convenient access to major transportation networks.
  • Maximum Absorbency Adult Diapers

    Maximum Absorbency Adult Diapers

    As one of professional manufacturers in China, Ranjin would like to provide you Maximum Absorbency Adult Diapers. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
  • Color Toilet Paper

    Color Toilet Paper

    Bozhan sanitary product Co.,ltd,Built in 2009, is a color toilet paper manufacturer integrated with tissue paper manufacturing and trading. Our own brand is DIMA®, We are a leading company in color toilet paper industry for complete tissue categories, excellent quality and the ability to improve market service guarantee.
  • Under Pad For Patients

    Under Pad For Patients

    Factory Directly Supply Quality Under Pad For Patients made in China. Ranjin is Under Pad For Patients manufacturer and supplier in China.Quanzhou Bozhan sanitary products Co., Ltd is located in jinjiang, Fujian, created in 2009.Our Close care® brand under pad for patients has many different qualities.we enjoy convenient access to major transportation networks.
  • Leak-Proof Sanitary Pad

    Leak-Proof Sanitary Pad

    Ranjin is one of prominent manufacturer, producer, and exporter of Leak-Proof Sanitary Pad in China. Introducing our leak-proof sanitary napkins! Designed to provide ultimate protection and comfort, these pads are a game changer in feminine hygiene. Say goodbye to embarrassing leaks and discomfort during your menstrual cycle with our innovative anti-leak technology.

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