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How to use diapers correctly?


Diapers are commonly used daily necessities for babies, which are collectively referred to as diapers, diapers, and pants. Dry diapers can make the baby sleep all night, strong water absorption, commonly known as diapers. With the continuous improvement of the production process, the diaper has been improved from the original single function of leak prevention and absorption of urine to both leak prevention and ventilation and urine absorption and antibacterial, and has increased the telescopic elastic waist, three-dimensional leak-proof partition and other functions.

The use of diapers

1. Remove the diaper wipes and open them.

2. Unwrap half of your clothes to prevent your baby from catching a cold. Lift your baby's knee and gently lift your baby's bottom with your left hand.

3, the feces into the diaper, wet wipes with warm water, wipe the buttocks. Both sides of a girl's vulva, the base of her thighs, from top to bottom, especially girls. Teenagers should pay attention under the genitals, around the anus. Wash the stool in a small water basin, separate the anus, pat dry with a dry towel, and apply hip cream or fragrance oil once a day.

4. Pull out the wet diaper with the right hand, and the boy will see if the navel is wet.

5. After changing the new diaper, gently unfold the edges of the diaper with your fingers. Before the back is flat and the umbilical cord is not removed, the collar at the back of the small garment is turned over to expose the belly button. Restore clothes to prevent them from wetting.

Daily precautions

1, every time after urination, parents should use warm water to wash the baby's bottom, after washing, be sure to wait for the baby's bottom is completely dry, and then use a new diaper.

2. Continuing to pee after 1 year of age will do more harm than good. In addition to the easy formation of habitual bedwetting, after the child will walk, the diaper will also affect the child's walking posture and even leg development.
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